Never Settle for Less Than What You Want!

            Settling for less than what you want in any situation is a critical point in every relationship. A woman must assume her power in the relationship or the relationship will suffer. The turning point in every relationship is when the woman recognizes that unless this man produces at the level to which she holds […]

I loved the beautiful movie interpretation of 50 Shades of Grey!!!!!!

I saw 50 Shades of Grey yesterday! It was wonderful. I was skeptical because the reviews were questionable but, I loved every minute of it.  From the perspective of Getting What You Want, Inc. Anastasia owned her power and asked for what she wanted. The sensuality was intense and portrayed with class. I found both […]

Start Coaching Now!

I have been asked how I got into relationship coaching. When I got divorced after 23 years of marriage, I took every relationship courses I could find. I learned that everything I had done in my marriage to make it work, had destroyed it. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my husband, I did. I […]

Are you looking for LOVE???????

Do you want an inspiring, passionate, intimate love relationship where you revel in being cherished by the man of your choice? At Getting What You Want, Inc. I serve women who have had their heart wounded in relationship and have fear about romance reentry  or making another  mistake to choose a wonderful loving partner who […]

Interview By Jessica Stern On Spotlite Radio

I was interviewed by Jessica Stern on Spotlite Radio about my Getting What You Want dating program.  In the interview I review my 5 step C.L.A.S.S. system and I make an incredible offer with my book. You can listen to the interview through the link above.  In this 8 minute interview, we were able to […]