Are you looking for LOVE???????

Do you want an inspiring, passionate, intimate love relationship where you revel in being cherished by the man of your choice?   At Getting What You Want, Inc. I serve women who have had their heart wounded in relationship and have fear about romance reentry  or making another  mistake to choose a wonderful loving partner […]

Interview By Jessica Stern On Spotlite Radio

I was interviewed by Jessica Stern on Spotlite Radio about my Getting What You Want dating program.  In the interview I review my 5 step C.L.A.S.S. system and I make an incredible offer with my book. You can listen to the interview through the link above.  In this 8 minute interview, we were able to […]

A dissertation on men

My theory entirely is that men are always trying to please women and their biggest dilemma is that they don’t have a clue how to accomplish this because women think differently than men. I love men. They are these wonderfully creative, industrious, productive, sensitive, charming creatures who love to build things, solve problems, satisfy their […]

Vulnerability is a fine trait to nurture.

Relationships do not thrive without attention.  It takes two people who focus on each other’s needs. It takes two people who believe in each other and validate each other. It takes two people who want to love each other and who continually approve of each other which allow the vulnerability necessary to be honest about their […]

Feel Free to take Risks!

Remember the population of the world is more than 7 billion. The United States population as of yesterday is 321,609,407. If you want to get married, say so, even on the first date. That may scare away a few people but anyone who is interested in the same thing will stick around. You must be […]